Program Services

Our therapeutic-day school offers academic rigor and clinical services to middle school- and high school-age students who are not making progress in a traditional school setting. With an emphasis on academics, clinical services, expressive arts, vocational supports and high-interest electives, our school supports students in learning the skills necessary to achieve their goals.
  • Small Universal Design for Learning instructional groups
  • Master’s level Teachers and Clinicians
  • Integration of academics, expressive therapy and transition skills engage and challenge
  • Positive Behavior Intervention & Support (PBIS) framework

Discover the opportunities for all learners through our programs and services

High quality and rigorous academics are at the core of all AVCAS (soon to be Orchard Street Academy) programs and services. We put an emphasis on a skills- building approach so that each individual student is engaged and challenged appropriately. We utilize expressive arts, music therapy and other high interest activities such as horseback riding, a motor bike program, Project Adventure, membership to the YMCA, and basketball teams to engage students. Clinical services are available in both group and individual settings and we have a school psychologist and a behavior specialist on staff. Each student’s individual goals are monitored with data.

Academics - Teachers employ a variety of strategies using the Principles of Universal Design for Learning (UDL), embedded in the learning process while individualizing instruction according to each student’s IEP. 

Speech & Language Services - Our speech and language services include: expressive and receptive skills, written language and pragmatics and are delivered in a variety of contexts.

Specialized Reading Instruction - Specialized reading instruction is available for those students whose IEP identifies goals in this area.

Electives - We provide a wide range of elective courses that are designed to further engage students in developing skills, interests and hobbies that also align to the curriculum frameworks.

Clinical Services - Our clinical team designs clinical instruction using cognitive behavior therapy including DBT skills-based groups and evidence based practices that best meet the social and emotional needs of individual students. 

Clinicians provide continuous therapeutic support to assist students in:
  • Weekly counseling sessions
  • Evidence-based clinical practices such as CBT, DBT, and Social Thinking
  • Behavior practices rooted in ABA and PBIS, and academic design using UDL
Behavioral Support Services - We use a PBIS framework to design systems and practice skills that increase expected behaviors and decrease maladaptive behaviors.
  • Data based behavior interventions
  • Crisis intervention and prevention
  • Weekly multidisciplinary team meetings
  • Life skills
  • Collaboration with parents and service providers
  • Timeout
  • Check Ins


 Our STAFF is the
of our success

Our dedicated staff is here to help your students. All of our teachers are graduate level, state licensed, special educators or content teachers. Additionally, all of our clinical staff are graduate level, state-licensed clinicians. We employ a full time School Psychologist, Behavior Specialist and a Consulting Psychiatrist. You can rest assured that your child is in the care of a qualified team of passionate, caring adults.

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